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General Information

SQM Representatives have access to exciting assignments, around the world, including: Inspections (sometimes referred to as Mystery Shopping), Market Research, and Field Merchandising. To best connect our field force with appropriate assignments, we require the following, detailed information.

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SQM conducts various programs for our clients.These programs may require specific age groups and/or individuals from varied ethnic backgrounds. To meet the specific needs of our clients it is important that this information is available.

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As a SQM Representative for Sensors Quality Management Inc., you are paid on a contract basis. Because of this status, there will not be an official government earning/income statement issued at tax time. If necessary, it will be your responsibility to notify your local revenue service of any income earned from your work with SQM. Furthermore, in order to get paid, a worksheet (invoice) provided by SQM must be submitted outlining the work that you completed for the outlined period.
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